Have you ever wanted to…

  • Broaden your perspective of reading and writing instruction?
  • Understand the development of reading and writing skills?
  • Help a child who is struggling with learning to read and write?
  • Understand the characteristics of children with dyslexia?

The Neil and Willa Jean Smalley Children’s Dyslexia Center Valley of Dayton Can Help

Free Orton-Gillingham training that leads to Initial Level Certification
Learn to help children with dyslexia through supervised practice
Opportunities for advanced levels of training

45 Hour Seminar Course
This intensive course is free for the Trainee

  • Characteristics of dyslexia
  • Elements of the Rationalizing lesson
  • Structure of written language
  • Incorporation of handwriting into a lesson
  • Components in the diagnosis of dyslexia
  • Role of phonological processing in reading difficulties

Use of all Center’s multisensory curricular materials
Leads to Scottish Rite Orton-Gillingham Initial Certification

100 Hour Practicum

  • Supervised by an experienced Orton-Gillingham therapist
  • Work with two students twice a week, during the school term
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the course and praticum, may become a paid tutor at our Center and part of a dedicated, fun-loving team

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